Our Villas

Inside the estate there are two beautiful residences for an unforgettable Tuscan experience.

First of all, what is considered by many to be the most beautiful house in Chianti: the eighteenth-century and imposing Villa Le Marangole, set in a context of absolute charm and marked rural elegance. It is a classic “Leopoldina”: term which refers to a type of farmhouse born as a dwelling for tenant farmers with precise architectural characteristics, built during the agricultural reclamation process of the countryside that took place when the Grand Duke Pietro reigned in Tuscany. Leopold I of Habsburg of Lorraine. In a dominant position and well exposed to the sun, in an isolated block, hipped roof, porch, loggia and dovecote with stables on the ground floor and house on the first. This large villa with 6 double bedrooms, therefore sleeping 12 in total, is offered for rent all year round, but only entirely. It has a swimming pool, a small green park, a barbecue and employs a couple of caretakers who not only take care of the guests, but are also intent on preparing themed dinners with recipes handed down for generations.

The other structure, completely immersed in the woods, smaller and more intimate, is the fifteenth-century Villa Crognole which, subject to a skilful conservative restoration, is equipped with an exclusive swimming pool and a panoramic terrace, from which you can enjoy an absolute view of the landscape. unique of the Chianti Classico: it is the classic Tuscan farm with a fireplace with 3 double bedrooms for a total of 6 beds and this too is offered entirely and with the same services.

Villa Marangole
in Radda in Chianti

Villa Marangole is a jewel of rural elegance perched in the heart of the Chianti hills.

Villa Crognole
in Radda in Chianti

Villa Crognole is nestled on the top of a gentle slope at a height of 500 m, cradled by the embrace of a dream landscape.

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