Sustainability policy

Castello di Albola bases its operations on the principles of sustainable development. The company is committed to actively contributing to economic progress, social welfare and the protection of the environment in which it operates, conducting its activities in accordance with the principles set out below. This sustainability policy is intended to supplement the company’s Code of Ethics adopted on 04/11/2015, of which revision No. 01 dated 09/12/20 was approved by the BoD on 18/01/2021


Ethics and Responsibility

Castello di Albola is committed to conducting its activities in accordance with ethical, professional and legal standards, integrating economic, social and environmental aspects in its decision-making and control processes.


Sustainable Growth

Castello di Albola is committed to offering its customers services and products with high added value, which contribute to improving the well-being of the territory and the communities in the surrounding areas.


Shared Development

Castello di Albola intends to grow by adopting a business and operational model aimed at creating value for its members, through the pursuit of objectives of financial soundness, profitability and sustainability in the long term.


Excellence and Innovation

Castello di Albola actively collaborates with its partners to develop the best production processes and employ the best available technological solutions in order to fully meet customers’ expectations.


Protecting and valuing people

Castello di Albola is committed to creating stimulating and dynamic work environments in which the protection of health and safety, respect for diversity, human rights and professional development are priorities, allowing it to attract and retain the best talent, and ensuring the achievement of the company’s present and future goals.


Involvement of the supply chain

Castello di Albola aims to promote the adoption of sustainability practices among its suppliers in order to continuously improve the overall performance of its activities and contribute to the spread of sustainable development principles in the wine sector.


Socio-economic development of territories

Castello di Albola adopts a model of operation oriented toward contributing to the growth of the areas in which it operates, through the creation of new employment, professional training, employment of local suppliers, and initiatives that support the community.


Environmental safeguards and protection

Castello di Albola conducts its activities by identifying the best solutions in the technical and organizational sphere in order to limit potential negative effects on the environment as much as possible, contributing to the reutilization of waste products through its activities.


Dialogue and Transparency

Castello di Albola is committed to developing and maintaining robust and lasting relationships with its stakeholders, paying attention to their legitimate expectations and adopting appropriate forms of involvement.

Sustainability Report

Castello di Albola prepares this Sustainability Report with the aim of reporting on the activities carried out in the field of sustainability and describing the achieved objectives and the plans adopted for improvements. Learn more at the following link: Castello di Albola’s Sustainability Report.

The certification was issued by Equalitas, an Italian body founded in 2015 that promotes sustainability in the agrifood sector, and wine in particular, through a systemic vision capable of uniting the needs of companies, society and the market. The main objective is to define, structure and share a unique and shared approach to sustainability based on its three fundamental pillars. Thanks to its technical, cultural, scientific and political resources, EQUALITAS intends to bring together the best initiatives of established and innovative best practices, to establish an Italian model of sustainable quality at a global level. The EQUALITAS Scientific Committee, composed of distinguished members of the technical and scientific community in the sector, guarantees the continuous adoption of the standard according to the most advanced knowledge available, also acting as an impartiality committee for the management of the standard itself. This objectivity and transparency are fundamental for the authority of the EQUALITAS ethic, as an added guarantee for the consumer. The EQUALITAS-Sustainable Wine standard allows companies in the sector to adopt an internal Sustainability Management System and to publish an Annual Sustainability Report, guaranteeing their stakeholders continuous improvement of their sustainability standards.

Respect and care for the environment constitute a fundamental value for the culture and philosophy of the Zonin Family. We hold ourselves responsible for giving back to the environment the resources it has provided us. Only great care and meticulous attention to detail at every stage of wine making – from the vineyard to the bottle – produce high-quality wines. Likewise, caring for the environment throughout the entire wine-making process makes it a sustainable product. This is the philosophy behind the choice of adopting the Equalitas Standard, in order to translate the profound values of our corporate philosophy into objective elements.

Domenico Zonin – Face of the seventh generation of the ZONIN Family

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