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The medieval village of Castello di Albola sits atop the splendid Chianti hills, in a location incomparable for its historical appeal, evocative art and the unique agro-landscape of unparalleled harmony.



Alessandro Gallo was born in Acqui Terme, Piedmont, in 1971. After studying at the Umberto I School of Oenology in Alba, he graduated with a degree in Chemistry from the University of Turin in 1997. Following his passion for the world of wine and its fascinating millennial culture, he began working as a laboratory analyst at the Dezzani family winery in the renowned Monferrato area, later becoming its Technical Director. In 2004, he met the Zonin Family. Fascinated by Castello di Albola and sharing the authentic entrepreneurial values promoted by the Family, Alessandro Gallo has been the Director of the Estate ever since. This place is particularly special to him. “The estate has become his home,” so much so that he decided to live right here with his wife and two children, at the ancient 12th-century keep. Hospitable and exuberant, Alessandro is always happy to welcome new visitors to Castello di Albola, accompanying them to discover this unique and evocative place but also inviting them to tastings of wines with great historical and cultural character.

"Castello di Albola has incredibly elegant vineyards, with a refined taste that fully represent the charm and beauty of Chianti Classico. I strongly believe that being a winemaker today does not only mean being in the winery, but also consists of following all aspects of the production chain with extreme care, from vineyard management to research, from environmental sustainability to sales, from promotion to hospitality. From the point of view of wine-making, Radda represents one of the fine styles of Chianti Classico. It is a particularly good area for wine where peculiarities such as the stone, the rugged hillside and the altitude of the vineyards determine the sweetness of tannins, the organoleptic structure, and the particular scents that make our wines elegant, long-lived and so special."

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