When the Zonin family decided to purchase Castello di Albola, one of the main objectives was to give a new life to the production of excellent Tuscan wines. Part of that project included the construction of a new winery. After identifying the ideal location to reconcile production needs with respect for the landscape/environmental context, the structure was built on a panoramic knoll a short distance from the medieval village. Perfectly harmonized in the landscape and carved into the rock, the winery is distributed on two levels:

an external one to the north, used for the vinification of grapes and technical areas, and an underground one of which two-thirds is used for preserving wines in steel vats that are thermo-controlled by a computerized system, and one-third for the aging of red wines in barriques. The historic underground cellars of the ancient medieval village, from the traditional vaults built over time by the noble families of the Samminiati, Pazzi and Ginori Conti princes, have come back to life to age the great red wines in large Slavonian oak barrels.

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