"Parallel Dialogues"

“More than 25.000 visitors arrive every year at Castello di Albola: a place that fascinates for its unique beauty, the typical architecture of a medieval village and the wine culture cherished for generations. This
exhibit is part of a wider journey of Castello di Albola in the art’s world: a path aimed to give more value to the territory and its heritage, identity and traditions. We guard these places for the future generations, we
have the responsibility to keep on promoting these relationships to interpret together this heritage without equal we have inherited. And we’re invited doing it while tasting a glass of good wine: a symbol of conviviality, apparently simple and for someone ordinary but that is capable of telling many stories different from its but of an equal value

Alessandro Gallo, General Manager and Winemaker of Castello di Albola

From 10 September to 30 December 2023

Castello di Albola will host the exhibit “Dialoghi Paralleli”: a cultural journey between art and technique,
paint and wine, that will give the chance to the visitors to discover, in our Estate, the works of two artists
particularly close to this place: Fabio Calvetti and Armando Xhomo.

“Beauty can be an easy thing and in Tuscany we know that well. Certain places, like Castello di Albola, are the most obvious witnesses of it and it’s not only about the “genius loci” but also the philosophy and work
carried on starting from the Etruscan to the Renaissance and the modern willing of preserving its harmony and balance.
Apart from representing an historical and cultural heritage unlike any other, Castello di Albola looks at art like an expression of its own identity.
To be here, in its prestigious spaces, it’s for my art a unique experience”.

Fabio Calvetti

“Wine has guided art and artists since the beginning of time. We can find paintings where wine is being tasted or where vineyards are being worked starting from the Romans to the Greeks but also in the late Renaissance with the masterpiece “Bacco” of Caravaggio, in the Impressionism of Cézanne’s works like in Salvador Dali’s considerations.
From Umar Khayyām’s poems to Leopardi’s without forgetting the biblical scriptures where wine is symbol of joy and key element of life.
Now, here, as setting there’s a medieval village, whose farmhouses and vineyard rows are rooted to the Etruscan and Roman culture but also in the history of the Early Medieval Ages families like the Acciaioli, Pazzi and Ginori til the Zonin Family.
Here: traditions, feelings, work and art found at Castello di Albola their home”.

Armando Xhomo



Fabio Calvetti & Armando Xhomo

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